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01 December 2014 @ 04:56 pm

Здравствуйте. Мне очень приятно, что Вы сюда забрели, конечно, но, увы, этот ЖЖ скорее мервт, чем жив, а записи, которые сюда все-таки кидаются, в основном открыты только для очень узкого круга людей, по-английски и в основном так или иначе связаны с музыкальным театром. Если вам все это интересно, напишите, добавлю вас.

Зато постоянный блог ведется по этому адресу: http://mn.diary.ru/

Hello and Welcome to this half-dead journal. As it happens, I've almost completely moved to a russian blog on different server. However, I still post here once in a while, and there's some hungarian-musical filesharing in the f-locked entries, so, if you're interested, comment here or pm me to be added
This month in London has come and gone in a heartbeat or two, and now everything has stopped. There's nothing in me of the desperate post-New York melancholy. I hardly feel anything at all. The count, as we know, is "neither sad, nor sick, nor merry, nor well", and so am I. Not jealous, just numb.

Those four weeks were a typhoon of life. So much that I hardly believe it happened at all. There was coming over to RADA with a cup of triple-shot latte, Shakespeare, and more Shakespeare; important lessons, fun lessons. Period dancing. Clowning. Stage Fighting (best. thing. ever. I want to find a rapier fencing club, or something). Rehearsals. Even more Shakespeare. Oh, and then the evening began, with hanging out in or on the steps of someone else's campus, with wine or coffee, with Shakespeare folios or reciting monologues, with period dancing or shouting popular songs. There was theatre, both good and bad, alone and in company. There was real life drama, although never of an upsetting kind, never in form of an argument, never badmouthing behind others' backs. There was sitting on the steps of my dorm with a friend who lived across the road, every night, taking about boys and life, and, yeah, boys. There were shots and dancing and pubs and late late nights with heavy heavy mornings. We did, however, never go beyond what would be considered sensible partying. Or rather, all of us have, at some point or other, that was also a moment when we would go easier. After all, with all the partying and fun times, we were there to learn. And, boy, did we learn! Seeing all those wonderful people progress and perform, or holding them as an anchor in a long scene, both giving and receiving as much in a studio, as in life. I never felt more in tune, or more in love with the very same Bard.

I use "we" a lot. I cannot think of that month in a singular term. I don't think I existed in one, either. Prior to coming, I decided to stay in another campus, to have my alone time. I ended up not wanting it. Of course, one needs to do what one has to do, but every time after only few hours of lonely activities I ended up missing the faces I've been seeing for at least eight hours every day, and a group dinner or beer or studying was in order then. Funny.

Actually, I think my only real alone time had everything to do with Punchdrunk. You know, the company that made Sleep No More? They've got a new show in London, The Drowned Man, and, obviously, me being myself, I ended up seeing it many more times then I had planned. Even with everything going on I would bid my friends goodbye once a week and sneak out on them in order to run around that beautiful set, stalk characters and completely lose myself in the show. It's not the same as New Yorj, of course, but once again it played perfect part in my life. I had a chance to do Punchdrunk performance masterclass as well, which was fantastic.

I don't know if I feel like I feel now because of the tiredness, since there was not a day of rest, - relaxing kind of rest, - in the last 30 days. Or maybe my fountain of life has just dried out and I need to refill it.

Do I miss London? Yes, I do. Still, I don't want to be back. Or, rather, I do, but only because Moscow is gloomy and frightening and evokes no warm feelings in me whatsoever, and also a few people stayed behind to do a week-long intensive. However, London now wouldn't and won't be the same. The magic that was people and our very own student-y Bloomsbury is gone, dare I say it, forever. There will be Autumn, of course, when I shall be living in the same area, and go (take a long long bloody tube ride rather) to a drama school, and there might be more Shakespeare, and hanging out at somebody else's campus, and shots, and being a family/ensemble. I sure as hell hope that that'll be the case.
But it's not only another chapter, it's a whole new novel.

Oh God, sorry, friends, I go on and on and on.
The point is: life was good, but now I'm in Moscow. I'm sorting out my visas and preparing myself to move on.
17 June 2013 @ 01:08 am
Never thought I would miss New York. Never thought I would miss all the possibilities to develop, and people, and theaters, and bars, and lights, and again, people people people. Of course, I miss the "fandom", too, -- it's a wrong thing to call it, actually, -- My Theatre Thing, this whole firework of experiences, reality and non-reality, game and friendship. It has truly turned my life upside down, not only providing me with somewhere to belong, and people to call friends, but changing my whole view on theatre and performing.

I'll get by, there's no doubt, and I'll try to make the best of wherever I am for the next 12 months. I never doubted my ability to find something useful to do, even in bloody Moscow; and, well, if everything's fine, and London happens... I've been longing for it to happen, so really, who am I to complain?

Still, goddamnit, I miss New York.

On the plus side, I know am not as stressed about London as I might've been. After seeing the good, the bad and the ugly of the City, I'm quite ready to trade my live-long love for the town upon Themes for the new infatuation with an island of Manhattan, if things go terribly wrong. Actually, I might make this choice even if things go right.

I guess, we'll just wait and wonder what happens.
26 March 2013 @ 11:28 pm
Apparently things I need in a place I live, or hang around for a while:

a) anywhere to develop, be it a place to study or work. No, actually, the school I came here for is bad. Like, really bad. I see coming to an acting studio in New York as being caught in a fishing pond. You can either end up in a nice spacious aquarium, or on a frying pan. TVI is a fucking frying pan. For now, I try to take what I can and do things on the side: my awesome winter sessions of Meisner Technique and Shakespeare (god, that teacher? She's a slasher, an anglophile, a nerd and a genius, rolled in one)  are almost over, and by the end of the week I'll sign in for something else. Saldy though, I need to take classes for TVI, not to fuck up my visa status, so some of the things I really want to do, I can't. There's also dancing and singing, and Shakespeare/physical theatre workshop, that will eventually become a stage production of Romeo and Juliet. Life's still a bit too relaxed for my taste, and I get to be lazy and sleep ridiculous amount of time - up to 8 hours! - but... oh, fine. What can I do, right? Can't blame anyone else for my being gullible.

b) favorite bars/clubs. Okay, somehow I don't really club in New York... I think I'll do it more in April. But the bars and music clubs are amazing. The one thing I'm definitely gonna miss about the city.

c) a performance venue to obsess over. Not only is it - Sleep No More, that is - amazing, beautiful and interactive (see previous entry), but it's such a fine illusion of reality, with an exception that nothing of it is actually real. No guilt. No consequences. Lots of stalking. It also interlinks with b) here, because there's a very cool live music lounge called Manderley Bar (I know, right? The irony and all) at the same venue, and one can come there after the show, just to chill out and watch the bands. I. Love. It. There. So. Much. My. Brain. Burns. Out.
(Emma, you've got to come with me and see it, and love it, and agree that this place is perfection)

d) people who tolerate my madness. New York has them.

I'm already in a middle of my stay here... Thank God, I guess? I don't know, this city is awesome and lovely, but I'm afraid it's just not for me. I don't know why. I honestly have nothing to complain about. The level of live is good. The food is good (too good, damn it!), something interesting's going on constantly and you can actually scare a crazy stalker off by mentioning the police. The industry, acting industry, scares the living shit out of me, to be honest, and makes me feel somehow dirty.
Still, despite failing several of my auditions for London, I've still got my East15 offer, and RADA's Summer School one. So, I'm enrolling to both of them, and starting to search for apartment and do paper work for visa. Then there'll be a year in course of which I'll get to decide if I'm just chasing imaginary butterflies here, of if I have a chance to actually pay my bills by being on stage.
I so don't wanna think about it right now.
Right now I'm gonna drink my coconut water and daydream about London, and lovely bright future, and lovely over-addictive show, and the bright and perfect future. Okay? Okay. 
20 March 2013 @ 04:42 pm
I'll update about life, stuff & theatre a bit later, but right now here be raving over this interactive physical theatre production called Sleep No More. Bacause I've gushed about it in all the blogging/social networks already, as well as IRL, I have to do it here as well. =)

Basically, a british production company Punchdrunk had a very expensive and brilliant idea to merge Macbeth with 20's style and Hitchcock, and after two (I think?) trial runs, knocked down everything from six floors of a building in Chelsea, and created an elaborate art installation, where the characters - Macbethian as well as drawn from other sources - are doing their own thing, and you're free to watch, follow and explore. There's more: if you're lucky, a character might invite you into some locked room, where they would reveal something about themselves, or give a present, or recite Shakespeare, or... or something. I don't really know, I've only 'seen the show' twice so far.

There's nothing of the real world at McKittrick Hotel.
There's no speaking at McKittrick Hotel.
All the senses are 200% alert working at McKittrick hotel - you can touch, and smell, and listen, and feel it.

And I just... I cannot function after being there. I can't. It's too wonderful an experience to just get over and forget. Reality simply doesn't look the same anymore. There's also my awareness that that even after two times there's so much yet to see. It's pretty damn hard not to get hooked on something that is so completely beyond... Everything, really. There's an entry about why I think it's the best theatrical experience in my life (apart from being on stage, okay, yeah) in my tumblr , so I won't repeat it here.

But, just so you know, this thing is genius.
18 January 2013 @ 10:13 pm

This theatre season in London's brilliant. Absolutely. Naturally, most of to-die-for stuff is playing in spring when I'm not in town, but nonetheless I was very lucky to catch Pinter's Old Times with Rufus Sewell, Katherine Scott Thomas and Lea Michelle, The Judas Kiss with Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde (odd, but interesting) and Freddie Fox as Bosie (marvelous), as well as Twelfth Night with Stephen Fry as Malvolio. The later one's most surprizing of all, because I'm not actually a fan of the Globe productions. They just seem unconsistant with current theatre paradigm, and are a tad too close to brit-style pantomime for my liking. However, that production, running for a limited time at Apollo, is delightful. Sadly enough, I didn't see Richard III that's in a repertorie with this one, and almost the same cast. Or rather, by the time I've realized I REALLY want to see it, it was too late. There was one matiné when I could've made it, but didn't. Shame, really, this cast might not be a star one (apart from Mark Rylance, of course), but it works amazingly as an ensemble. I haven't been so much in love with characters for a very long time, and, yeah, I've even went to see Twelfth Night twice in that short time, which goes against all rules I've set to myself.
Not regretting it for a second.

There was even some stagedoor fun.

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So there, some nice memories and a poster with three signatures to hang on my appt wall in New York.

Now, New York...

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04 January 2013 @ 10:52 am

So, I’ve decided to write an English review for a change, not only to annoy Kati with even more squeeing over certain beautiful Death, but also to know if there’s anything you girls disagree with.

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26 November 2012 @ 12:01 pm
I've finally watched the Vamps in St.P, and it was... fine. I mean, of course the sound sucked, the translation is hideous, the cast isn't perfect and there was a bunch random visual things that went or looked wrong, but as a whole I really thought it was a descent attempt. Wow. Gonna see it again in January.

Oh, and I LOVED our first-cast Krolock. Just look at him! (But try not to notice his really weird acting at times - it really has to do with the text, that had nothing in common with the original one and totally screwed up half of the show).

24 June 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Not sure what's harder to believe - the fact that the first cast of R&J will never be the same anymore, or that stayed together this long. But anyhow, yesterday was the last show with the first-cast boys, and it was pretty amazing. It's a bit weird, seeing a show and being totally completely enchanted by the story (yes, the one you know by heart, but whatever) and the atmosphere, rather then worrying whenever the actor in the lead is going to survive through the show without collapsing, or how many mistakes will certain tortured antagonist make. Laying back and enjoying the show rarely felt so new before, but that's what you've got for not seeing the first cast for so long.

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27 October 2011 @ 11:12 pm
Aww, I just want to stay curled up in a ball on a sofa and listen to the gas heater making weird puff-ing noises till, dunno, dawn maybe. No, come on, babymammoth, you've got to get up and make your flat resembling the one of a normal human being (opposed to a cave troll) before tomorrow, because then there's a zombie party to attend and a plane to catch the following morning.

Life's fine. Difficult. Six hours of dancing a day only at school, not to mention everything else, is pretty tough, of course, and it doesn't get easier. Of course, we've all upgraded stamina and school-surviving skills since the first week, but the level of seriousness and requirement is obviously getting higher. Oh well, I knew what I was singing up for. Besides, guys, I'm a Madách kid, that IS pretty cool. Not Pesti Broadway sort of cool, but still... I'm actually studying something I like. Granted, dancing's not the thing I plan to do for the rest of my life, but there's some acting in and outside of school (and applying for colleges for the next year as well), singing, too. Actually, I got proposed to have singing and music theory classes at the school so that there'll be a possibility of transferring to a musical acting department for the next year. Might work.

On the downside, with everything I Can Not Find Time To Work. Yep, being 21, still living off parent's money. And the saddest thing, I could've work and would've liked to, a lot. Maybe make up artist's not a dream job, but it's great fun. Or it would've been.

What else? I've got a thing for someone of my own sex. Oops. No, really, this now makes my list of love interests The most ridiculous in the universe.

I miss reading smart books, because with a schedule like that you only can manage something that's readable fast, or at least without huge amount of concentration. I miss Opi, despite living literally 100 meters away. No time to see too much, and don't really feel like it. There're always favs that are nice to catch, of course, and new things, but that's not enough for obsessing. Just struggling a bit to keep an eye on what's going on, new people, new shows, that sort of thing. And while new people are all right (have you *seen* the new R&J cast?! I'm so excited about it!), I'm not sure about the premiers. Cigányszerelem was so unbelievably "meh", I'm confused more then anything. Have to talk to someone about it, but almost everybody I know from the theatre are touring in Germany, so... *sighs*

Right, this turned out long. And about nothing. But at least now I think I'm ready to get up and wash that pile of dishes...